Why do people get fat quickly after quitting active sports?

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Often people who play sports and gain muscle mass are afraid that after they finish exercising, their figure will float, and all the muscles will turn into fat.

This is a very common misconception of many people, because of which they deny themselves many of the joys in life. Let’s take a closer look at what happens to muscles and weight.

What happens when we exercise actively

When you change your daily routine, your body undergoes many completely natural physiological changes.

Consequently, when you start doing fitness or strength training, you will quickly lose weight in the first days and weeks of exercise. This is because you have given your body a stressful load by changing your daily routine.

And naturally, there are a number of changes that the body undergoes when an active person who regularly plays sports suddenly stops his activities (completely quits training).

The body again goes into shock, and at the initial stage, the person even loses weight. However, this does not mean that his total body weight is decreasing, more often in a few months there is a gain of excess weight and fat.

Why does it happen?

Weight gain depends on many different factors. The most important of these is diet.

If a person ate a 2500-3000 calorie diet following an individually designed exercise program, their body was accustomed to working in this mode.

After a person quits training, their diet will determine in which direction changes in their body will take place.

In addition, for people with less body fat who have followed a heavy training program (pumping their muscles intensively), abruptly avoiding sports will lead to sudden body weight loss. It will be regardless of the physique.

Therefore, the only condition a person gains weight after leaving the gym is when the former athlete continues to consume more calories than their body needs. Which, ironically, has nothing to do with the gym.

Why does muscle turn into fat?

One of the most inaccurate but widespread myths about exercise is the idea that if you stop exercising, all the muscles you have developed will be converted to adipose tissue.

Many people with whom trainers have worked over the years often use this myth as an excuse not to lift weights, since they do not want to get fat if they stop actively exercising.

We already know the importance of incorporating strength training into your overall exercise regimen, and it is for this reason that it is important to dispel this myth once and for all.

So does muscle turn into fat if you stop lifting weights?

It’s enough to look at former athletes like Arnold Schwarzenegger to see why people would take these ideas as real. In their prime, these people were superbly physically built and served as role models, but now they no longer play sports and look worse.

So what happened?

Muscle is made up of many small fibers, each of which is composed primarily of protein and water. Muscles develop in response to stress in the form of resistance training.

Once training is stopped, muscles feel like they are no longer needed and the body shrinks them, but fat is not a substitute for them!

Most of the muscle mass consists of water, which is simply excreted from the body along with other excess fluids in the body.

So what happens to proteins?

First, they break down into amino acids (the molecules that makeup proteins), and then their fates are somewhat different. Some amino acids will be processed and used to repair and replace various tissues in the body.

That is, they suffer the same fate as most of the proteins that you eat. Some of them are oxidized to provide energy, while others are simply broken down and excreted in the urine through the kidneys.

A very small amount, if any, of the destroyed muscle tissue will turn into fat.

So, if that’s not the reason why these muscular athletes end up becoming overweight and out of shape, then what?

Fortunately, there is a simple answer. Athletes are capable of intense and sustained training. This workout, along with subsequent recovery, requires a huge amount of energy in the form of calories.

Athletes are known to consume three times their normal daily calorie intake to fuel their strength during exercise.

This need for energy requires regular intake of large amounts of food, and along with this, a large appetite appears. Over time, these athletes get used to eating whatever they like, but unfortunately for them, when training stops, sometimes their appetite does not decrease.

This leads to them continuing to eat as if they were exercising, even if they quit sports, and as a result, they gain weight and lose their shape!

So, the reason some people get fat when they stop lifting weights is that, quite simply, they eat too much.

And, as we all know, this is the same reason why anyone who has never held a kettlebell gains weight. It is often difficult for people who were once muscular to be fat. Therefore, they find excuses, absolving themselves of the guilt for their figure.

Be healthy and watch your diet and calories!

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