Your child is afraid of injections?

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An indisputable fact: injections of drugs in many children cause fear, hostility, and a feeling of protest. It hurts so much … But what about the parents of toddlers with diabetes?

After all, injections with this disease need at least 4 times a day (basal injection + injection of ultrashort insulin before EVERY meal). Long persuasions, requests, consolations, attempts to distract the child from the procedure – all this works every other time. Each injection requires a lot of moral preparation.

Tips from pediatricians and experienced moms

Experienced mothers and pediatricians know how to avoid crying babies during the procedure. Here’s what they advise:

  • abstraction. Before the most crucial moment, you need to transfer the child’s attention from the procedure, for example, to a toy, cartoon, conversation, book or tactile contact.
  • pain relievers. There are ointments that, when applied topically, cause an anesthetic effect. Ask your doctor what remedies can be used in childhood. Tell your child in advance about the “magic ointment” that will help the injection do not hurt. This will reduce the baby’s anxiety.
  • praise. After the procedure, tell the child something like “how brave you are! You hardly cried”. Tell other family members about this (dad, older brothers / sisters, grandparents, etc.) in the presence of the child. This will raise the baby’s self-esteem.
  • main mistake. Many parents scare their children with an injection if they do not obey. You don’t need to do this. Do not instill in your child a fear of medical procedures and treatments.
  • explanation. Even if the child is still small, try to explain in accessible words to him that the injection is important. It helps you stay healthy and feel good.
  • understanding. Don’t scold your child for crying. Don’t belittle or devalue his feelings. Instead, be supportive, encouraging, and a friendly and understanding parent.

About PAINSTOPPER injection applicator

A real must-have when injecting little kids. It is a small, flexible plastic leather pad with a spiked inner side (the side that rests against the skin). Rounded thorns, atraumatic. In the middle of the pad there is a hole for a syringe and a needle. The device is made in the form of an animal: a hedgehog or a cat. This visual solution allows you to turn the injection into a game process, distract the child from the procedure, and reduce anxiety.


  1. apply the applicator with the spiked side to the desired location
  2. squeeze along the edges with your thumb and forefinger (there are special marks)
  3. insert the needle into the skin through the central opening of the applicator
  4. inject medicine
  5. pull out the needle
  6. release the crease

As an adult, the child will be able to inject using the applicator on his own. This is not difficult! The device is intended for children from 1 to 10 years old, but can be used at an earlier / later age.

What problems does using a nozzle solve?

The applicator is not just a “red herring” injection. Its use allows you to solve a number of problems:

  • soft thorns irritate the nerve endings on the skin, dispelling the pain of the injection
  • the applicator allows you to form the RIGHT fold with the capture of the PZhK, not the muscle
  • distracts the child from the injection process
  • tension on the skin during fold formation facilitates faster and easier needle insertion

Experts recommend ROXY-KIDS PAINSTOPPER! The applicator is approved for use by Roszdravnadzor.

“The experience of my players, use PAINSTOPPER significantly reduces pain from the injection,” (Veronica Kondakova, Clinic “MirraMed”)
“The device is desirable to have each family with a child, especially if the baby is diagnosed” diabetes “. With applicator disappear fear of injections, not there is a desire to skip the procedure “(Evgenia Patrakeeva, endocrinologist of the International Heart Center, member of the European Association for the Study of Diabetes)

If dancing with a tambourine no longer helps to distract the child from a terrible and painful procedure, then the applicator will be a godsend for you in solving a specific problem!

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