Sugar-free cold drinks: 4 recipes

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Summer is always about heat, heat, and sun. And if now there is a gloomy sky outside the window and it is raining, do not hesitate: there are many hot days ahead of us.

You cannot survive in the heat of summer without soft drinks. You can drink plain ice water or ice tea, or you can cook something new and unusual. We found, prepared and tasted 4 summer drinks, counted carbohydrates in them – and this is all in order to share interesting recipes with you. Feel free to recommend:

Ice coffee

Prepare an espresso (if using instant coffee: 1.5 tsp coffee in 50 ml warm water). Shazam to taste. Top up with 200 ml of cold milk. Astringent, invigorating and at the same time refreshing latte is ready!

  • Total: 10 coals per serving

Non-hot chocolate

Cooking is easy: melt 20g dark chocolate. Sahzam to taste. Top up with 200 ml of cold milk. Chocolate lovers will appreciate it!

  • Total: 15 coals per serving

Coconut banana cocktail

In a blender bowl, combine until smooth 100g banana and 150ml of liquid coconut milk. Well, actually, it’s done! If desired, decorate the cocktail with chocolate or coconut flakes ; crushed nuts will be a good addition.

  • Total: 24 coals per serving

Homemade mint and raspberry lemonade

Mash the mint leaves to give juice. Add 50g n / a raspberry jam or syrup and some lemon juice. Add 200 ml of chilled mineral water and mix thoroughly. Ta-daaam: the masterpiece is ready. When fresh raspberries are ripe, replace the jam with them.

  • Total: about 3-5 coals per serving (depending on jam)

Non-hot chocolate and coconut-banana cocktails are quite enough for a full-fledged snack: they not only cool and quench your thirst, but also give you a feeling of satiety for a couple of hours at least.

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