Oral diseases due to diabetes

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Oral health depends on a number of factors, the main ones being: genetics, general health, and the care and work of the dentist.

It’s no secret that people with diabetes are prone to developing a number of problems, including problems with teeth and gums *. These are mainly: xerostomia, caries, bleeding gums and periodontal disease. More details below.

* With compensated diabetes, the likelihood of these problems occurring is minimal.


Or dryness of the oral mucosa. Do you remember that during decompensation the body becomes dehydrated ?! This leads to the fact that the skin and mucous membranes become thinner, become fragile, and microdamages may appear. Microdamage is a favorite medium for the development of a violent bacterial process. As a result – bad breath, ulcers, increased plaque formation.

Bleeding gums

The second point follows from the first point – bleeding. Bleeding of the gums can also be due to the fragility of the vessels during decompensation. Any, even a gentle touch to the gum, injures it, a bleeding wound appears, pain, the gum becomes inflamed.

Excessive bacterial growth

A factor that increases the risk of caries development. High blood sugar affects the composition of saliva. Normally, saliva has a bacterial effect: it kills pathogenic microbes. When sugar is high, everything happens exactly the opposite: saliva turns into a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. In this environment, they actively multiply, form colonies, plaque and calculus appear, and caries develops.


And as a result – mobility and loss of teeth. If you ignore the problems above, then with a greater probability the teeth will face a similar ending. In case of any deviation from the norm from the side of the oral cavity (and from the side of health in general) – we take our feet in our hands and go to the doctor! Agree, making a professional teeth cleaning is cheaper and easier than installing an implant ?!

“Okay, it’s clear about the problems. But what to do to prevent them from appearing?” – you ask. Well, here’s a set of oral care recommendations for people with diabetes:

  1. compensation and normasahara
  2. regular self-hygiene with a brush, irrigator, oral balm. Take a closer look at the specialized healing pastes and rinses – they really work! Your dentist will help you choose the best care products for you.
  3. regular check-ups with the dentist. At least once every 6 months
  4. timely treatment. Have you found caries? Do not delay treatment or wait for a small black dot to grow over a whole tooth.

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