The path to a healthy lifestyle

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sooner or later, most of us begin to realize the importance of a healthy lifestyle. This is not a myth: our health really depends on what we eat, how active we lead, what we think about …

And finally, you decided to take the first timid steps towards a healthy lifestyle … Where to start? We’ve prepared some simple yet effective tips for you.

Change your food preferences

Can’t imagine life without chips, soda, chocolate bars? Do you like to flavor your dishes with store-bought sauces, which, as a rule, are high in fat and excess sugar? Semi-finished products have migrated to your daily diet? It seems it’s time to change something. You probably yourself know about the flaws in your own diet? It is likely that some foods can be completely eliminated from your diet, and something can be replaced with a more useful alternative.

Increase your level of physical activity

Don’t want to go to the gym? Well, at the first stage, you don’t need to force yourself. But everyone can do morning exercises. And you can also replace riding on public transport with a walk, and ascents / descents on an elevator – walking on stairs, etc. Choose what you like best: swimming, cycling, dancing, pilates. Activity should be fun.

Give up addictions

Do this smoothly so that the body does not experience shock. After all, where there is shock, there is a breakdown. For example, if you smoke, you shouldn’t give up cigarettes and endure “withdrawal” in one day. Reduce the number of cigarettes smoked per day, first by 2-3 pieces and let yourself get used to it. Then another 2-3-4 pieces and so on, until you feel ready to completely give up the habit.

Control portions

Are you used to adding supplements all the time? NO to this habit! Putting too much food on your plate at first? Deliberately do not report, first 1 spoon, then 2, and so on. Over time, you will learn to feel full from much smaller portions. Especially true for those who want to lose weight.

Cook right

Instead of frying – simmer, boil, bake food. If you still need to get an appetizing crust, then use a grill or non-stick skillet greased with a little vegetable oil.

More fresh vegetables and fruits in the diet

It doesn’t have to be exotic: apples, pears, plums, cabbage, carrots, beets – ours, local is no worse, and it won’t empty your pocket. Remember the rule: fresh vegetables and / or fruits should be present on your table at every meal. Minimum Daily Allowance: 400 grams (1/3 fruits, 2/3 non-starchy vegetables).

Keep a food diary

Effective advice for those who are used to biting, trying, snacking. Over time, these habits become imperceptible, and so it turns out: here they tried, grabbed there, here they crunched for the company, etc. And then comes a surprise: where are these extra 5 kg, high doses of insulin and sugar problems? Plan your snacks and write down everything you eat in the day. So you will clearly see your mistakes in nutrition.

Don’t get discouraged by the little things

It has long been proven that constant stress provokes health problems, so do not exaggerate your failures or lament – it is better to spend that time looking for a solution.

Take time to relax

In the life of each of us there are times when you have to spin like a squirrel in a wheel: work, deadlines, obligations, household chores, and so on in a circle. Sooner or later, you start to feel like a squeezed lemon. Allow yourself to relax: you can always make time to have a cup of your favorite coffee, chat with your family, take a walk, take a nap, etc. Even endocrinologists are sometimes allowed to take a break from diabetes and loosen the reins of control. Remember that chronic fatigue leads to stress, and stress is: problems with sugars, nutrition, bad mood, lack of vitality and so on.

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