How to stop hair loss

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However, sometimes it happens that they start to fall out. In this case, the main thing is not to panic, as stress can increase hair loss.

If you notice that your hair begins to fall out, then first of all you need to find out the cause of this phenomenon. And only after that you should proceed to further actions.

If every time you wash or comb your hair, you find a large number of hairs that have fallen out, you should definitely seek the help of a trichologist. This specialist will be able to accurately identify the causes of increased hair loss using laboratory tests and other medical techniques.

If it detects abnormalities in the work of certain body systems, he will refer you to narrow specialists. If the studies carried out give satisfactory results, then the trichologist will prescribe you to take biologically active additives, physiotherapy procedures, advise a special diet, etc.

Hair can also fall out from constant stress. In that case you should contact a doctor

  • To stop hair loss, you need to hide hair dryers, irons, and the like that injure your hair. It is also necessary to pay special attention to the choice of hair care products, giving preference to those that do not contain chemical components.
  • Also, to improve the condition of the hair, it is recommended to use traditional methods that give excellent results and are easy to use.
  • An excellent folk remedy for hair loss is burdock root juice, which must be rubbed into the scalp several times a month.
    Castor, burdock and olive oils also help well in this case, which help to enhance nutrition and strengthen the hair follicles.
  • Poplar bud tincture is another effective remedy in the fight against hair loss. To prepare it, pour two tablespoons of the kidneys with a glass of vegetable oil and keep them for a week. The finished composition should be regularly applied by rubbing it into the scalp, followed by rinsing with shampoo.
  • Excellent for hair loss and honey, which has truly magical properties. For example, you can prepare the following honey mask: mix a tablespoon of honey with one egg. The finished composition must be evenly distributed over the hair, then cover the head with a warm towel, withstand the mask for an hour and then rinse it off with warm water.

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