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We all know about the benefits of sleep and how lack of it can not only negatively affect productivity, but also health. After a lack of sleep, a person’s cognitive abilities are significantly reduced, which affects memory and concentration, creativity and associative thinking deteriorate and a person cannot come up with anything original, he is only capable of routine tasks.

What to say about stress or decision-making? A modern person already has enough problems and irritants in life, so that the lack of sleep only exacerbates everything. Continuing: your optimism, your level of happiness, your ability to withstand negative situations are diminishing. Contrary to popular belief, sleep is not for weaklings. For this, you are already paying with some problems, and after a couple of years you will receive such a number of psychological complications that it will be difficult to treat them without resorting to the services of specialists.

Many of these problems can be avoided by getting more sleep. Therefore, in this article, you will find some simple and effective ways to get more rest and

Get one hour more sleep

Simple advice that is very easy to implement. Go to bed an hour early. Start with this. As a rule, before going to bed, a person does absolutely unnecessary things for him – he sits on the Internet, watches TV, communicates with friends on the phone. Therefore, if you go to bed at one in the morning, and wake up at six in the morning, go to bed at least at midnight. Six hours of sleep, of course, is not ideal, but it’s already a good start.2

Get more rest throughout the day

If you are unable to sleep, start resting. This advice comes from Dale Carnegie in How to Stop Worrying, and this man knew a lot about stress and anxiety. Sit in a chair and spend at least ten minutes with your eyes closed. This will allow you to relieve the accumulated fatigue and with it a lot of negative emotions.

The body needs to be rebuilt every few hours. You may not feel it during the working day, but when you come home, you realize that you are completely overwhelmed. This may sound like a pleasant experience to you, but it’s actually a sign of burnout. Trust me, just thirty minutes of rest during the day will help you recover faster during your night’s sleep. In addition, in the morning you will wake up filled with energy and a desire to work, and not fatigue and helplessness. The main sign that you are properly resting and sleeping is precisely the morning state. If you wake up right after the alarm rings and feel refreshed, then you are doing everything right. Continue in the same spirit.3


We all know about the benefits of meditation, and we constantly read about it, but few listen to this advice. Remember that the main problem is not physical, but emotional fatigue.

This is why meditation is so important . It helps to put emotions in order and dump negative energy. Set aside twenty minutes for her once a day, or ten minutes twice a day and meditate.

In general, almost all of the advice we give you is about burnout. A person who gets nervous a lot throughout the day sleeps less and has a harder time recovering.4

Walk without your phone more

And again we are talking about irritants. You may feel uncomfortable walking without your phone, but after a couple of days of this practice, you will understand how pleasant it is. By driving away negative thoughts from yourself, you will realize that the anxiety has completely disappeared. And really, where does stress come from if you don’t feel like you have to answer the phone and drive away negative thoughts? Stress most often comes from thinking about the past and the future. It is this simple method that will allow you to recover and calm down.

This is very similar to meditation. Imagine a simple stress graph – its line is constantly going up and somewhere there is a point at which there is a nervous breakdown. By resting and recovering, you reduce stress levels, make better decisions, and become happier. You must understand that it is simply impossible to experience stress and be happy at the same time. Reboot several times a day.5

Eliminate caffeine, alcohol and sugar

Of course, there are benefits from coffee, and this has been proven by a variety of studies. And yet coffee is a stimulant, and any artificial stimulant can drain your brain. You can cheer up with the help of our advice, because the body is able to produce substances that are natural to it.

It’s true that it’s easier to fall asleep after drinking alcohol. However, in the morning you feel completely overwhelmed and unable to make even the simplest decisions, since alcohol is also a stimulant that gradually destroys your body.

Sugar (like cigarettes) is a silent killer. It has already been recognized as a drug, so it is quite possible that it affects the quality of your sleep, not to mention the harm to the body as a whole.

Think for a second what you are feeding your body from day to day. And he has to cope with all this, and what does not work out, eventually comes out in the form of the most unpleasant complications.6

Dim the lights an hour before bed

If you can’t resist surfing the Internet, at least dim the brightness on your device. Prepare your body slowly for sleep. There should be no irritants. Do not go to social networks, because even if you communicate with nice people there, it is also stress and excitement for the body. For many people, the problem is not even the number of hours they spend sleeping, but the fact that they take an hour or two to fall asleep. Help your body get the most of its rest.

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