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Over the past 2 years, our reality has undergone a change …

The next strains and bursts of the “crown” dictate new rules. One thing is clear: I don’t want to get sick. After all, you can’t guess in advance how you will endure the illness, and what the consequences will be. The basic measures below will help you reduce your chances of contracting an insidious virus:

Masks are our everything

Nobody canceled the mask mode. Yes, sometimes it’s uncomfortable. But what can you do? The reality is that in public and crowded places we have to wear masks. Important: remember to change your mask every 2-3 hours. Otherwise, wearing the “accessory” will have the opposite effect.

Do not forget about the antiseptic

Corona is our enemy, antiseptic is our best friend. Use it, but without fanaticism: you do not need to douse yourself with sanitizer from head to toe 5 times a day. Doctors recommend using an antiseptic in the following situations:

  • after visiting public transport
  • upon/after visiting crowded places
  • after shopping
  • after visiting government institutions (clinic, hospital, school, kindergarten, etc.)

For greater reliability, you can treat your gadgets and household items with an antiseptic, such as keys, cards, remote control, etc.

Keep your finger on the pulse, and the pulse oximeter on your finger

Respiratory function is under control. And a pulse oximeter will help with this. This compact device measures oxygen saturation in your blood in seconds. If the indicator is normal, then the lungs are doing their job perfectly! Diagnosing lung function at home is made easy!

If you suspect a disease

In these difficult times, we recommend having a couple of rapid tests for covid in your home medicine cabinet! With cold symptoms (cough, sore throat and sore throat, fever, weakness, body aches, etc.), it is better to play it safe and quickly check yourself for the presence of the virus. You don’t want to infect your family and friends, do you? We recommend using a non-contact thermometer to check the temperature.

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