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What is a healthy lifestyle and what are its components? This question worries almost every person seeking to maintain and strengthen their health. If earlier it was believed that for this it was enough to perform physical exercises and adhere to a certain diet, now the concept of a healthy lifestyle has been revised and supplemented taking into account the latest achievements and discoveries in the field of medicine, sociology and psychology.

According to the World Health Organization, health is “a state of complete physical, spiritual and social well-being, not just the absence of disease and physical defects.”

Accordingly, a healthy lifestyle, as defined by WHO, is “the optimal quality of life, determined by motivated human behavior aimed at maintaining and strengthening health, under the influence of natural and social environmental factors.”

Reasons for the popularity of healthy lifestyle

A correct lifestyle contributes not only to an overall improvement in the state of the body, but also to the appearance of a person.

What are the criteria for a healthy lifestyle? This is a balanced diet, physical activity corresponding to the age and condition of a person, good sleep and many other little things that have a positive effect on the state of the human body. Anyone who follows the basic rules of a healthy lifestyle compares favorably with those around him: he has a fresh complexion, good posture and a lively look, is always full of energy, a desire to try something interesting.

Components of a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is a combination of several basic elements, among which the following stand out in particular:

  • balanced diet;
  • physically active life;
  • rejection of bad habits;
  • emotional well-being;
  • rest, etc.

All of these components of a healthy lifestyle are fundamental.

It is a mistake to think that in order to change your life, it is enough to change one thing. You cannot give up some of your bad habits and be content with it. For drastic changes, drastic measures are always needed.

Each person has a different character, and where one can give up everything superfluous at once by a willful decision, the other is better off abandoning the idea of ​​self-improvement, fearing the burden of future worries.

Therefore, psychologists advise not to rush to apply all the main components of a healthy lifestyle at once, but to do it gradually, so that at first subconsciously accept the foundations of a healthy lifestyle and it is easier to endure changes.

How to start a healthy lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle begins with a person’s awareness of the fact that he is not living properly.

And for all this happens in different ways: someone notices a too large number on the scales, someone feels dissatisfied, overwhelmed, tired, someone is constantly sick.

Sometimes people for years go to the idea that diet alone or prevention of colds is not enough to solve their problems. And it seems to them that they are leading the right lifestyle, since they have abandoned one component of the past: they quit drinking or smoking, started going to the gym or sticking to a diet.

However, a healthy lifestyle is not one small concession, but a large set of measures for self-improvement, and although you should start small, you need to strive for more.

Regular exercise and proper food preparation cannot simply be discarded or replaced with less time-consuming options.

Balanced diet

It is the cornerstone that holds the rest of a healthy lifestyle on it.

The main principle of a balanced diet is moderation and variety, because the body must receive all the necessary nutrients and trace elements.

The basis of food should be cereals, bread and pasta made from wholemeal flour, potatoes. Many problems arise from the fact that modern man restricts the consumption of fruits and vegetables, which are rich in fiber, phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals. According to the WHO recommendation, a person should consume at least 200 g of fruits and 300 g of vegetables per day.

Also, the diet should definitely include dairy and fermented milk products, eggs and legumes. Many nutritional pyramids also recommend the inclusion of fish and lean meats, as well as nuts and seeds in the daily diet.

Of the fats, vegetable oils are preferred, but candies, pastries and other sweets should be consumed in very limited quantities, for example, on weekends or holidays.

A healthy and balanced diet is the basis for the prevention of rectal cancer, constipation, hemorrhoids, gastritis, atherosclerosis, hypertension, osteoporosis and many other diseases.

Physically active life

Without physical activity, it is also impossible to talk about self-improvement. An unsportsmanlike person is often melancholic, inclined to forgive himself for minor weaknesses. He does not have the habit of loading muscles, overcoming himself, he will easily violate the basic principles of a healthy lifestyle due to a lack of self-discipline. Sport not only heals, it also contributes to the formation of a beautiful appearance, and the joy from contemplation of reflection in the mirror, pride, pleasure that people get, looking at an updated version of themselves, only support their desire to maintain a correct lifestyle. As the basis of a healthy lifestyle, sport is simply irreplaceable: exercise helps to improve blood circulation, joint function, stimulate the production of certain hormones, and improve the general condition of the human body.

It is believed that physical inactivity has the same harmful effect on blood vessels as a long experience of smoking. Exercise not only improves metabolism and blood circulation in the body, but also helps to strengthen the immune system, lower cholesterol and normalize metabolism. For an adult, it is necessary to take at least 10,000 steps per day. It will also be useful to do aerobics, jogging, swimming or other sports at least 30-40 minutes 5 times a week.


A person needs daily, weekly and annual rest, which depends on the main type of activity. For example, during hard physical labor, rest means getting enough sleep, reading an interesting book, or just sitting in your favorite armchair. If the work is sedentary, then the best rest will be a visit to the gym and chatting with friends in the fresh air.

Rejection of bad habits

However, a balanced diet and a physically active lifestyle will not give the full effect if, at the same time, a person does not get rid of bad habits that pathologically affect the general condition of the body and destructively affect the healthy lifestyle itself and its components. Smoking, the use of narcotic drugs, and large doses of alcohol are definitely harmful to human health. Therefore, in order to preserve your health, it is best to refuse it. On the other hand, daily exercise strengthens the body, but excessive physical activity can exhaust it and lead to illness.

Emotional well-being

According to research data, in which centenarians took part, they were united not only by a balanced diet and a sufficient amount of physical activity, but also by a positive, optimistic attitude towards life, the ability to enjoy everyday little things.

An important role in terms of maintaining health is played by the spiritual convictions of a person in the correctness of his actions. If a person is in internal conflict with himself or he has lost hope as a result of the collapse of his value system, then this causes severe chronic stress that negatively affects various aspects of a person’s life.

Therefore, leading a healthy lifestyle in a spiritual sense means noticing the positive in everyday life, rejoicing more often, dealing with problems more easily and being at peace with oneself.


A healthy lifestyle and its components are steadily entering our reality: there are debates on the Internet about the best diets and exercise complexes, they talk on television about many fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle, and there are more and more organic products on the shelves in stores. A modern person simply cannot get out of reality, which teaches what a healthy lifestyle is, because we are all unique, and preserving this uniqueness, keeping it as close to an ideal state as possible is an excellent goal in life.

The rules of a healthy lifestyle are not as complicated as it seems at first glance, and sometimes you just need to start to realize how necessary it was.

And, finally, the most important thing:
Just as the long road begins with the first step, so following the principles of a healthy lifestyle begins with our conscious choice, which each of us will have to make every day between behaviors that strengthen or destroy our health.

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